Bird rescue during the cleanup

Cheong Wei Siong, recovering from coordinating the mangrove operations at Buloh-Kranji finally shared an interesting story with us amidst the chaos of the morning:

“A few NUS participants alerted me of a injured bird at their cleanup site near the end of KR2. It was (I think) a grey heron. It’s neck was somehow twisted, and i think the left wing was broken.

The participants were quite afraid to go near it though. I contacted Krish [K. Ramakrishnan of SBWR], and he told me to carry it up GENTLY, place it inside a trash bag and pass it to him.

Krish brought it back to Buloh, gave it a shot of anesthetic. He said the injury may be due to a concussion upon landing, and the chances of the heron surviving is little. I didn’t have time to find out more later but felt glad that I was able, at least, to prevent the the bird from drowning in the high tide. Hopefully it stands some chance rather than no chance at all. But I am not sure if I hurt it while transferring it into the bag, its fragile.

This is the FIRST TIME i have tried to save a bird or rather any animal!!!!!!

So err, story ended. =)

Characteristically Wei SIong. He must sleeping peacefully now. Before he slept, I did tell him that it was lucky the bird was near Buloh, its where we have sent other injured birds.

We all hope the heron will survive.

And Wei Song, its the not the first animal you’ve saved. Think of every cleanup you’ve helped to organise!

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