Rain, rain, go away!

I’m stuck at home with a really severe flu. Despite being drowsy from the medication, I could hear the thundering showers. NEA’s Meteorological Services has the rain locations in Singapore and it looks like the rain is really pouring down in the west. I hope they aren’t getting drenched at Lim Chu Kang mangroves, Kranji mangroves, Chek Jawa mangroves, Sembawang Beach and East Coast Beach, aargh!

If there is any threat of lightning, individual organisers will call off the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore. We’ve been washed out before. Safety is a priority and we will just shrug our shoulders if that happens.

Click for larger image.

Update 1 – Looks like the clouds are moving quite fast, in a south-easterly direction. In 20 minutes, the heavy core has shifted over to Bukit Timah in teh centre of Singapore. East Coast is free of rain now.

Update 2 – In less than an hour, the rain clouds blew away, phew!

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