RGS data in from East Coast Park sites EC6-12

The Raffles Girls School Secondary 1 cohort has submitted their data for East Coast Sites 6-12. The organiser Mr Lim Er Yang submitted his excel sheet and their data report includes

  • 6,641 pieces of styrofoam,
  • 4,765 Cigarettes / Cigarette Filters
  • 2,047 food wrappers and containers
  • 1,534 straws and stirrers and
  • 1,009 pieces of Plastic sheeting / Tarps

Their comment:

“Styrofoam pieces and cigarette butts number as the most common pollutant on the beach, followed closely by plastic pieces. Pupils noted that recreational activities along East Coast Park encouraged human interaction with the sea and people simply litter out of convenience, even though litter bins are located close at hand.”

One thought on “RGS data in from East Coast Park sites EC6-12

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