So where were we today?

Unfortunately a quick Google Maps chart of site points that Kenneth prepared in a hurry has disappeared. We were responding to an urgent query from Shobana Kesava; she needed a preliminary sketch map of the sites that were tackled today.

I could not use the Google Earth file I’d been using for planning since she doesn’t use it. I did think about exporting but then it’d be quicker to sketch, scan and email. But the ICCS Otter had left the museum (it was already after 6pm) and I didn’t have a scanner at home.

Then I thought of sketching and photographing the result but then remembered the blank map at the National Geographic Xpeditions site. I used Skitch to do the rest.

Skitch has a good run today capturing and uploading images, seeing how my NUS servers were unavailable. Always good to have alternatives. Like this WordPress blog – been citing it to the people who needed the information. What eased my pain was ecto; it makes WordPress as fast as my blog engine. And its available on pcs too.

Well Shobana filed her story and hopefully it will survive editorial onslaught tonight.

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