Photos from NUS @ Kranji Mangroves

They certainly took lots of photos – see Album 1 (183 photos) and Album 2 (171 photos) on Flickr! See the cleanup report for Kranji at the Kranji Mangrove results page.

Take a look at the last photo – an important ritual conducted every year by the NUS organisers (student volunteers from the Department of Environmental Engineering) is the cleaning and drying of the thick gloves used by participants during the cleanup. Yup, we ensure they are ready for use next year. Its possible when the gloves are well dried – else fungus will grow!

Ideally of course, each participant should turn in a clean and dry pair of gloves the following week, after a good washing and drying. But we aren’t that optimistic yet! For now at least, the NUS organisers get to be part an ICCS mangrove tradition dating back to 1997!









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