Four of us to join the inaugural ICC Bintan, Republik Indonesia

Four of us from central coordinating team in Singapore (the ICCS Otters) are heading out to Pulau Bintan tomorrow: Dewi Anggraini (Site Captain, Lim Chu Kang), Ng Hua Chin (Deputy Coordinator), Airani S (Data Advisor) and N. Sivasothi (Coordinator).

Ranan Samanya of Bintan Resorts and coordinator of ICC Bintan, emailed us the preparation list:

“We’ll start the evening with dinner, then chit-chat under the stars.

For your participation, please bring the following personal belongings (LOL! But this is our standard info to volunteers, hehe):

  1. Personal equipment / Perlengkapan pribadi
    • Beach wear / Baju santai/pantai
    • Hat / Topi
    • Sports shoes / Sepatu olah raga
    • Swim suit / Baju renang
    • Change / Baju ganti
    • Raincoat / Jas hujan
    • Drinking water bottle / Botol air minum
    • Backpack / Ransel
  2. Rendezvous / Waktu berkumpul: Kamis, 27 September 2007, jam 07:15
  3. We provide semi heavy duty gloves, sandfly and mosquito repellents and drinking water refill.

So now I know the Indoneesian words for the packing list! The four of us are looking forward to being participants in the inaugural ICC Bintan. To be honest, without coordination woes, it’s a really a holiday!

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