Nat Geo video clip on Coastal Cleanup

National Geographic has a short clip on the coastal cleanup in its list of environment videos – link

I added it to our resources page, along with Wesley’s video. The third video clip we have is by Charith Pelpola which he eventually put together fro footage shot earlier for the television series, Biologic. That comes in a box set of six DVDs for $20. Singapore Environment Council has copies that we will be getting for Organiser’s workshop.

ICCS Organisers Workshop 2008

This year we will be conducting a workshop for ICCS Organisers. Organisers not only have to figure out the logistics, safety and execution of a cleanup by their schools and organisations, they have to understand and communicate what the cleanup is trying to achieve, the nationla and global issues that motivate the event, how the data is used, what it means and what else is going on.

It is a lot for volunteer organisers to absorb simply through a webpage or document so this workshop will engage organisers into actively interacting with the information so that they can more effectively present the issues during their pre-cleanup briefings.

We have to do it early enough so they can prepare for their organisational briefings, hence the Saturday, 5th July 2008 date.

For details and registration, see: