Only Pulau Ubin available for individual registrations

I have closed off all sites except Pulau Ubin for individual registration. Zone Captain Andy Dinesh has asked for help at Ubin and so I’ve been directing individual signups there and no longer offering any options elsewhere – we are too swamped to worry about allocations any longer. Also if all of them it a site together, it’ll be fun.

Most other sites are full as well, anyway. See the ICCS2008 Site Status Sheet.

The other thing we’ll be up to this week is the Site Buddy Briefing – the number of registrants is creeping towards 100 so I have maintained our LT booking. It should be a short but really useful session for he potential Site Buddies!

After that workshop I will head out to Pandan mangroves for a recce with the organisers and our new Zone Captain, Kelly Ong. It will be the first time we conduct a cleanup there and its sorely needed.