Recce season ending, now for action!

Things are heating up and ICCS kicks off with Loyang mangroves being tackled by Woodlands Ring Secondary this afternoon!

Most of the preliminary recces by Zone and Site Captains had been conducted over a month now and this is the last weekend to roundup the final recces.

The Buloh-Kranji team met today, as is traditional, and I went to Pandan mangroves in the mid-morning. Tomorrow morning, Dinesh will be conducting a recce at Pulau Ubin.

Pandan mangroves is a new site and the inner reaches are, like most mangrove sites, heavily laden with a historical load. This site has lots of mozzies and some snakes too, in addition to the trash so it is a determined crew that will be going in to tackle the historical load there.

Our new Zone Captain (West), Kelly Ong, will be learning the ropes with this site during ICCS 2008.

Pandan mangroves recce with Wilson Tan (OREARL), Otterman,
Desmond Ling & Lucia Meijer (Wildlife Reserves Singapore)
and Teo Kah Ming (Raffles Museum Toddycats). Photo by Kelly Ong.

Pandan mangroves. Photo by Kelly Ong.

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