Ria Tan writes about ICCS – “it’s about the data”

Ria Tan features the ICCS on Wild Shores of Singapore:

“The effort is not just to gather trash, but data on the trash. The operation is done professionally. Months before the date, there are countless runs of briefings to explain (a) Singapore has marvellous marine life (b) WHY litter is bad for marine life and humans.

The data reveals clearly the sources of litter (us) and it doesn’t take much to join the dots on what we can do as individuals.

After seeing the data, I personally never use a straw anymore. I say, a human above the age of 2 doesn’t have to suck at drinks. And to use a plastic object for a few minutes and then throw it away is just wrong.”


Pandan Mangrove (submitted by Kelly Ong)

This will be the first time in 17 years that the ICCS team would be bringing the cleanup to Pandan mangrove, a narrow strip of mangrove forest left in the south-west of Singapore.

The site contains a high amount of accumulated trash in the deeper parts of the estuary inlet. There are also lots of mosquitoes in tide pools and we will have to look out for snakes.

A team of about 60 – 80 from 3 groups – Oil Spill Response and East Asia Response Limited, Wildlife Reserves Singapore and National University of Singapore (Raffles Museum Toddycats & friends) – will become the pioneers to tackle this site!

A recce was conducted on 13 Sept by the organisers, Sivasothi, ICCS West Zone Captain Kelly Ong and Assistant Kah Ming. Expect difficult terrain, lots of delicate air roots to take care over and no shelter or toilets. Volunteers invited to the event have to come prepared for action!

This is the first of several years of clean ups to ensure he remaining Pandan River mangroves “breathe” again.