Chek Jawa cleanup (submitted by Andy Dinesh)

The Pulau Ubin Zone is managed by Andy Dinesh and this includes a star of sorts – CHek Jawa! The site earned a reprieve from reclamation in 2001 and visitors and volunteers are still thronging the area to appreciate the fauna there and help in some way.  
This year the Ubin Zone of the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore includes two sites at and near Chek Jawa – 'Chek Jawa' proper and 'Chek Jawa South.' Chek Jawa begins in front of House No. 1 and extends to the east-facing Chek Jawa bay while CJ South refers to the long beach area in the south facing Changi.
11 sites have been identified for the cleanup within thee two areas, as follows :-

Chek Jawa

Total distance = 435m (106ppl estimated)
  1. A to A – NAFA 100m (30ppl)
  2. B to B – Nature Society Singapore (NSS) + St Nicholas 100m (23ppl)
  3. C to C – AVA 85m (10pl)
  4. D to D – NSS + Bedok View Sec School 150m (43ppl)
Chek Jawa South:
Total distance = 500m (163ppl estim.)
  1. E to E – NSS + Sukyo Mahikari 75m (20ppl)
  2. F to F – NSS + Sukyo Mahikari 75m (20ppl)
  3. G to G – NSS + Anne's Group 75m (22 + ?11ppl)
  4. H to H – NSS + ECO 75m (?15ppl)
  5. I to I – NSS + Individuals Participants 75m (?20ppl)
  6. J to J – Ngee Ann Poly (School of Humanities) 75m (40ppl)
  7. K to K – MCYS + NParks UbinVolunteers 75m (?15ppl)

This year, The Nature Society of Singapore has managed to rally a large number of volunteers (~175) from various corners of Singapore and have absorbed most of the individual sign-ups to ICCS.

CJ and CJ South volunteers can expect lots of rubbish near the strand line and also some sightings of wild boars…mummy, daddy and the little watermelon lookalike ones. If they are lucky enough when they look up, they may catch the gaze of the majestic fish eagles swooping low just above the trees. There are a fair share of newly abandoned fishing nets at CJ South which will require considerable effort to remove. 

Chek Jawa is going to be challenging but rewarding project!

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