56 car parts and more than 10,000 plastic bags at Kranji mangrove

The Kranji/Buloh mangrove cleanup 2008 was held at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve (SBWR). The 265 participants for the cleanup come from National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore American School (SAS), and Emaar International School (EIS).

3.4 tonnes of trash was categorised and collected during the two-hour long cleanup. The most common items collected were plastic bags (10,375), straws (3,222) and styrofoam pieces (2,492) food wrappers (1,778). Typically, Kranji mangroves turned up a car and a van bumper amongst the 56 car parts.

The enthusiastic Singapore American School ventured deeper into the mangroves to remove historical trash from the site. The trash bags loaded up  by the sites very quickly so our alert Trash Transfer Team activated immediately to start bringing the  heavy to the final Trash Collection Point.

The coordinators from the National University of Singapore  did a detailed job this year, allocating each of their many Site Buddies to pre-allocated groups of volunteers – whom they had called for a reminder about the meeting time in campus. The  highly motivated participants were a mix of staff and students from the very large campus, and they worked alongside for the first time.

The trash transfer to the final bin point this year secured the services of the Sungeo Buloh Wetlands Reserve's pickup as the reserve's traditional super-trolley finaly broke down!

We left with high spirits, happy once again that we had chipped away at the influx of marine trash that threatens our precious mangroves.

Posted by email from International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (posterous)

Cheong Wei Siong & Wang Zhihong,
Site Coordinators, Buloh-Kranji mangrove,
North-West Zone,
International Coastal Cleanup Singapore

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