Discussing the ICCS programme at the JGI symposium

“The Jane Goodall Institute Singapore presents “A Vision for Hope”, a daylong celebration of how personal action can be a substantial and positive force for making the world around us better.” – webpage

ICCS will be discussed there in two workshop sessions.

“Nurturing the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (ICCS) programme – how a small group of volunteers manage the largest and longest running environmental programme in Singapore,”

By N. Sivasothi.

Abstract – The International Coastal Cleanup is a marine debris data-gathering exercise which has been conducted in Singapore for almost two decades. A growing interest in the environment has seen a surge in participation from about 2,000 to 3,000 annually, and a growing corporate component.

The small group of volunteers that coordinate the programme (the ICCS Otters) coped with the immense strain by maintaining a zen-like philosophy of sustainable management. Critical in managing the larger numbers were web2.0 tools, and there was a greater demand for start-up assistance unlike the past. We had to battle misinformation and prevent groups from reducing the event to a mindless cleanup that derived few lessons for daily life.

Besides the philosophy of the group that has nurtured this long-term programme, I will discuss the various factors including the web2.0 tools and old school methods that enabled this programme to grow from year to year.

About the speaker – N. Sivasothi has contributed to research, education and conservation in Singapore for some two decades since he first joined the National University of Singapore. Though very practical, he is a passionate and engaging speaker and a web2.0 advocate. All this while, he has run various nature, environment and heritage programmes for the public with the help of a small but merry band of dedicated volunteers from The Habitat Group and since 1999, the Raffles Museum Toddycats.

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