ICCS Workshop for Organisers 2009

Dear Organisers,

the ICCS Workshop for Organisers will be held on Saturday 11th July 2009: 8am – 12pm at the Department of Biological Sciences, NUS.

We hope we will be able to help you manage an effective cleanup and look forward to catching up with you as well.

Please register here: tinyurl.com/iccs-workshop2009. We need to know the number coming for the venue choice, catering and your topical preferences.

The workshop will include these sessions:

1. Updates and progress of the ICCS family
I will discuss the progress we have made as a group and provide you with updates about marine sites, debris issues and conservation news at the local
and international scene which are of relevance.

2. Operations discussion – learning from each other
We will break into small groups for an effective discussion about operational procedures and tips with your very experienced Zone Captains.
You will get to contribute to the discussion (we are eager to hear from you), clarify doubts and learn from each other. We opted for the small group as we found people asked more questions this way.

3. Issues and resources
We will discuss the marine debris issue, the link to daily living and introduce some tools to help communicate these messages to participants to being about a more meaningful cleanup. You can copy the updated powerpoints and videos (bring a thumbdrive) or download them later.

We are looking forward to seeing you next month!

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