Webpage edits

I took some time to update the ICCS Webpage at coastalcleanup.nus.edu.sg.

Major edits

  1. The Home Page now list only major items (no more adverts): status, organiser’s workshop (will be replaced with the Site Buddies Briefing later), Individual Registration. Principal sources of information about the cleanup are listed on the right column.
  2. Integrated contents of “Downloads” page into the “Organiser’s Page”.
  3. “Organiser’s Page” now includes a preamble which addresses the typical questions of a new organiser.
  4. The “Photo Galleries” page has been collapsed into the “Results” page, and renamed the “Results & Photos” page. This reduces the number of sections and places the results together with photos – materials which journalists and bloggers request for the most.
  5. Sections renamed to better reflect content – “Articles and Links” has become “Resources”, “Zone” has become “Zones & Sites” and “ICCS Otters” to “Coordinators”.

Minor edits

  1. Participants page – now includes the Individual Participant Registration link for ICCS 2009.
  2. Zones & Sites page – now includes ICCS Site Status.
  3. Articles page – now includes the two short promotional videos from Ocean Conservancy (2008, 2009) amongst other edits.
  4. ICCS Otters – rearranged.

Minor/did not change:

  • About
  • Why cleanup

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