First ICCS cleanups for 2009 begin!

Nature Society (Singapore) and friends worked at Kranji Bund during the evening low tide on Sat 05 Sep 2009.

Miss Pegasus has an account of the cleanup (link) and the hearty sing-along session that they enjoyed after the session! She kept her grip on her camera and video-ed the session – plenty of energy these chaps after removing a considerable load of just over 600kg at the Kranji Bind mudflats! [Link to results]

The other group that hit the mangroves early on 5th September was Woodlands Ring Secondary at Sungei Loyang mangroves.

You can see all the participating groups, dates and sites here: The bookings for data-gathering at the coastline of Singapore was full up by June and we look forward to an effective data gathering exercise in the weeks ahead and I hope everyone has as hearty a time as these cheery folk!

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