We want to hear about your cleanup!

We hope to hear about your experiences of the cleanup – fun photos, stories, videos or simply the joy of taking action in the company of the international community. Have fun trying out the various methods and keep some memories of the event on the net:

How you can contribute to the news:
    1. Email us – long or short, do email us your thoughts, stories and attach photos! Your post will be converted to a blog post almost immediately [email: iccsblog@rafflesmuseum.net]
    2. If you already have online accounts – blog, post photos or videos online then let us know so that we can highlight your contributions [email: iccsphotos@rafflesmuseum.net]
    3. We can post up your photos – send us your photos by email; if they are large, use yousendit [http://www.yousendit.com]; they will go up on our Flickr Pro album [email: iccsphotos@rafflesmuseum.net
    4. Twitter about your cleanup experience – just include the word "coastalcleanup" in your tweet and it will be displayed on our webpage and appear in twitter searches. 
    How you can listen to the news (news, data, photos and blog posts):
    1. Follow the chatter on twitter (this will pick up international chatter as well): http://search.twitter.com/search?q=coastalcleanup
    2. Follow the blog or its RSS feed: https://coastalcleanup.wordpress.com/
    3. Check ou webpage for updates: http://coastalcleanup.nus.edu.sg/
    On both 12th and 19th September 2009, the ICCS coordinators will return from sites around Singapore to NUS to process the data, write accounts and upload photos from sites around Singapore. 

    Have a great cleanup!

    Posted via email from International Coastal Cleanup Singapore

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