Labrador Beach Cleanup by River Valley High

We went to clean up the beach at Labrador Park today and it was a fascinating experience. When we first arrived, we saw a lot of rubbish on the sand.

We grouped ourselves into threes and worked together to clean up the beach and collect data. In each group, one of us carried a big trash bag to stuff the rubbish in, another wore gloves and picked up the rubbish and the third recorded the different items found.

We found a variety of waste items, from very common plastic bottles and styrofoam bits to unusual things such as small porcelain figures and brooms. Some rubbish was entangled in seaweed, but thankfully we encountered no dead animals.

The only little creatures we saw were spiders in their webs under the bridge and sand flies hovering over the trash and rotting waste. The little crabs were probably hiding in the small deep holes which we noticed all over the shore.

Everyone definitely looked like they had fun picking the trash. After clearing up the trash scattered on the beach, the beach looks much more appealing than before. It feels great to see that we could personally make a difference in having a cleaner environment.

By Hikaridranz
River Valley High School

Posted via email from International Coastal Cleanup Singapore

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