Scomi Marine stormed Jalan Selimang

Saturday morning. – a quiet corner at Sembawang: 16 volunteers, 20 trash bags. 165kg. No easy feat.

Scomi Marine Services Pte Ltd reached their cleanup site, Jalan Selimang, at about 8.30am. The volunteers were already grouped in fours. The cleanup was off to a gradual start but the pace picked up and everyone was immersed with collecting trash, data recording and moving filled trash bags to the Trash Weighing Point.

Jeans @ Selimang Beach

The interesting finds at this new site include a steel lamp, a pair of jeans, car parts and a 55 gallon drum. A very common item found buried in the soil were plastic sheets — the exhausted team had an arduous time pulling the sheets out their deep entrenchment in the sand and out of the shallow waters after!

It was VERY VERY heartening was the fact that the volunteers understood the rationale behind the cleanup, and despite a scorching sun and treacherous soft mud and sand, all of them kept up cheery spirits as they did their best for the environment.

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