Early birds @ ECP

157 volunteers from ST Dynamics, Power Seraya, Singapore Polytechnic, Carlson Hotel, Victoria School, SATO International and Suvec sacrificed their sleep to gather at East Coast Park early in the morning for the International Coastal Cleanup.

Kudos to the students and teachers from Victoria School who were the early birds that started the cleanup at 7.30am.

Armed with gloves, tongs, trash bags and enthusiasm, the volunteers at each site separated into different teams to complete their mission. It is also a mini family outing for some parents who involved their cute children for this meaningful clean up activity. If kids can do it, so can you!

Cigarettes, styrofoam pieces were the most common debris found. Some of the volunteers found peculiar items like microphone, rubber mat, and a huge wooden plank that was the size of a car. In addition, a fishing net with a crab and corals entangled in it was discovered by the ST Dynamics’ volunteers.

Due to the heavy rain at 10.10am, all the volunteers have to stop their cleanup earlier and they proceeded to consolidate their data.

A big Thank You to all the volunteers who have helped out with the clean up at ECP!

By Cindy Wu,
ICCS Otters

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