Punggol Squeaky Clean (II)

Choppy sea. Gloomy sky.

This didn’t deter the 22 volunteers from Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple. They tackled Punggol Beach with zest and enthusiasm. The trash load was light; the source of the debris was mainly from shoreline and waterway activities.

Zeng Rong, the organiser, did a great job by briefing the volunteers on the objectives of the cleanup and the method of collecting data, before heading out to the beach. Thus, everyone knew what to do and the cleanup went smoothly.


Although the trash load was light, there were many small items such as fragmented debris like styrofoam bits , bottle caps and and fishing lines.

However, it showered on participants at about 10.15am, an hour after the cleanup had begun. So they ended a little earlier and began weighing the trash. ZengRong did a debrief , took group pictures and ended the cleanup .

The cheery spirit I witnessed was admirable. A great job by both the volunteers and the organiser, well done folks!

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