Stream full of trash through a Hidden Paradise

Last week we blogged about a new Pasir Ris site that was to be cleaned this week – Pasir Ris Site 6. A hidden paradise, it is well away from the BBQ pits, pavilions and crowds of Pasir Ris Beach Park. Today, we finally could eagerly head back to clear the beach of trash! Three groups hit the site – Bedok View Sec Teachers, Cuon Scouts and a handful of independent sign-ups.

The morning started with the sky looking cloudy but the weather held up for us. We entered the site near BBQ Pit 64 and were welcomed by a mud lobster crawling across the beach, oblivious to the group of volunteers happily snapping photos of it!

Lobster @ Pasir Ris Site 6

Glancing over the site when we walked in, I felt that it actually looked quite clean and very serene. But as we ventured deeper in, the trash load increased to astonishing proportions! Odd objects peppered the shore – a tattered sofa, half a fridge, water barrel, rusty oil barrel, food containers (with decomposing food still inside!), straws and motorcycle helmets!

The worst part was at the end where a stream enters the sea. The entire stream was littered with trash – the majority of which were plastic bags.


This small area was enough to keep all of our independents fully occupied. Sand flies swarmed around our feet and this was supplemented by numerous mosquito bites! We ignored this all as we filed our hands soaked our legs as we filled bag after bag with trash.

The Cuon Scouts saw that we needed helped and sent a troop in to help out. Together, we hauled many bags of trash out, including a couple of big barrels too.

The tide came in too fast and too soon, making the shallow stream deeper and deeper. The sky began to release drops of rain, so our volunteers quickly hauled bags of trash out for weighing and disposal. Bedok View Secondary School teachers collected 81 kg of trash and the Independents + Cuon Scouts collected 186kg.

Well done, everyone!

Guess what? Our excitement did not end there. The NParks cart which came by to pick up our trash got stuck in the grass! Well, perhaps because we loaded it with 186kg of trash and two big barrels! Our gung-ho Independents guys got together and helped to lift the cart out; great group effort, guys!

09 ICCS Pasir Ris Site 6 013

That moring, we left feeling great after a good morning’s work, leaving the Hidden Paradise a little cleaner than it was before…

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