Gearing up for ICCS2010

After along hiatus since November 2009, the ICCS team began gearing up for operations this year with two meetings on 27th March and 8th May 2010. The team is as follows:

Zone Captains

  • Northeast – Ng Kai Scene
  • Northeast Dy – Cheong Wei Siong
  • Northeast Dy – Lim Chen Kee
  • Ubin – Marcus Tay
  • Ubin Dy – Athena Han
  • Changi – Teo Kah Ming
  • Changi Dy – Kok Oi Yee
  • East – Connie Hon
  • South – Kelly Ong
  • North West – N. Sivasothi

Site Captains

  • Labrador Beach – Toh Yuet Hsin
  • Admiralty Park, Woodlands – Nanthini Elamgovan
  • Pandan mangrove – Ou Yang Xiuling
  • Lim Chu Kang mangrove – Yeo Chee Hiong
  • Pulau Ubin – Zhang Dongrong


  • Data Coordinator – Airani S
  • Webpage – Charina Ong
  • Dy Coordinator – Andy Dinesh
  • Coordinator – N. Sivasothi

This team has a few new faces and we welcome them with warm wishes:

  • Toh Yuet Hsin
  • Nanthini Elamgovan
  • Ou Yang Xiuling
  • Yeo Chee Hiong
  • Athena Han
  • Connie Hon

Site Buddies are being recruited and registration has opened.
Here’s to a successful 19th year!

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