Sungei Seletar – Rubbish Galore!

Sungei Seletar

On May 15th, the Northeast Zone people went down for a multiple northeast sites recce! Our first stop was a new location – Sungei Seletar – along Seletar Club Road. It’s always exciting to visit a new place, especially one that I did not even know existed. And it has a rustic feel!

The site entry was fairly easy, down a few rocks (trust me, if I can get there easily, so can most people!). But once we reach the shoreline, it got trickier. You really need to watch your step! Every step of the way, there’s rocks, branches, rubbish, rubbish and more rubbish! Also, part of the area is sandy but there’s also a muddy part. We are really going to have to watch out for safety while we brace ourselves for hard work.

Trash at every step

We ended the recce with a visit to the “kampong” there. We met a friendly uncle who told us he and his fishing kakis are regulars there. He was most enthusiastic about us cleaning up there and wanted to join in the event! The uncles had tried to clear the trash themselves but guess they were “outweighed and outnumbered” by the trash!

Rubbish Galore

Looks like we have a place for the students to sweat it out in September! And maybe for future regular cleanups too?!

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