How Google DOCS help in planning ICCS

Organising the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (ICCS) requires a strong admin backbone. The core group of long-term volunteers who have taken up roles as Zone Captains have been using Google Docs collaboratively in an increasing fashion since 2006. Then the GDocs predecessor Writely was used for the end of exercise review.

With improvements over the years, the use for ICCS has extended to maps, workbooks and forms and presentations – Zone Captains have access to the shared minutes and reviews as well as form data and collectively update workbooks and Maps to allocate sites to registrants and provide updates for Organisers.

Online registration is provided by Google Form for Organisers and Individuals. It is also used for workshop and briefing registrations.

Data from registration requests is collected automatically in one sheet of a workbook. In another sheet, Site Allocation is indicated by Zone Captains. This second, public sheet is refreshed within minutes of an update, so always reflects the current status. This way Organisers can check on their allocation status:

Recce reports are posted on GDocs and a published as webpages like this one for Tanah Merah. These reports link to the of ICCS Zones and Sites which the Captains update as well. Greater detail will be aded to these maps in time for ICCS this year. URLs of specific views can be used when communicating details to Organisers and supporting agencies.

You may have noticed, all these sites are allocated customised domain names which is helpful when pointing out details during correspondence or in a conversation. While the Zone Captains struggle with the additional detail required of them these past few years, the preparatory load will gradually decrease and the details also help facilitate the year-round cleanups.