Lim Chu Kang Cleanup – The Pretty (Miss Earths), The Ugly (Trash) and The Hard Work

We celebrated National Day early with a cleanup with Miss Earth Singapore 2010 contestants and other volunteers from Republic Polytechnic and NUS. The morning began ominously with gloomy weather and rain clouds and distant thunder calls hinted of an impending thunderstorm. Thankfully, the worst we hit by was a mild drizzle which meant a comfortable cool weather to work in. And I was real happy to be spared mozzie attacks for once!

Cleanup site from afar

We boarded the bus between 7.30am – 8.00am from NUS and Clementi. I felt a little worried for the Miss Earth Singapore 2010 contestants when I first saw them decked out in white tees and shorts. Were they going to be swamped by the mud, swarmed by mozzies and drenched by the rain?!Well, it turned out that I was worrying for nothing – they showed it was possible to look fantabulous in front of the cam and clean the coast at the same time!

Miss Earth Singapore 2010 Contestants

After a short briefing at Lim Chu Kang Road end site, everyone eagerly started work armed with their trash bags and gloves on the beach. This was my first time at the Lim Chu Kang beach and mangrove and despite a few years of action by teams for the ICCS , the trash load was surprisingly high. So we really sweated it out.

Besides the usual plethora of plastic bags and bottles, we also found helmets, a television, chairs, cushions, big barrels, nets, umbrellas… even cooking oil, unripe bananas and rotting kueh – gosh, that stank! It was as if there was a “trash-made” kampung right there!

The NUS biology experts and alumni treated us to an on-the-spot flora and fauna lesson. The crab-eating snake and live horseshoe crab grabbed the limelight, didn’t they? And from a female volunteer’s perspective, I’d like to present my compliments to the Miss Earth Singapore 2010 contestants and the reigning Miss Earth 2009 for adding colour, variety and chatter to a morning of hard work!

And it was DEFINITELY a lot of hard work done, for we removed a total of 811.3kg of trash in more than 10 trash bags! Over 800kg of harmful trash eliminated from our precious shores, yeah!

Evidence of our hard work!

2 thoughts on “Lim Chu Kang Cleanup – The Pretty (Miss Earths), The Ugly (Trash) and The Hard Work

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