More than 800kg of trash from the pre-National Day cleanup at Lim Chu Kang

07 Aug 2010 – A group of 42 volunteers from Ms Earth Singapore, Republic Polytechnic and NUS (Raffles Museum Toddycats & The Biodiversity Crew) and friends spent the morning at Lim Chu Kang beach and mangrove ridding the shore of plastic trash stranded there.

This special celebratory pre-National Day cleanup has been conducted by the ICCS team with Ms Earth Singapore contestants for the 3rd year running.


The rain which stormed over other parts of Singapore, spared us and after 90 minutes, we had cleared 811.3kg of trash from the beach and mangrove into some 116 trash bags with 20 bulky items removed, phew!

Thanks to NEA for picking up the trash from the pre-arranged Trash Disposal Point and sending it for disposal in the afternoon.

Chain gang at end of the beach cleanup

Blog posts and photos albums

  • “Lim Chu Kang Cleanup – The Pretty (Miss Earths), The Ugly (Trash) and The Hard Work,” by Ng Kai Scene. News from the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore, 07 Aug 2010 – link.
  • Photo album by Andy Dinesh – link (flickr).
  • Photos by Yukari Niino – link (facebook)
  • Photos by Kevin Lim- link (flickr).


  • 2008 photos by Airani S – link
  • 2009 photos by Kenneth Pinto – link

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