Is A Plastic Paradise still Paradise? – Coastal Cleanup @ Pasir Ris Site 6

A multinational group of 21 “Independents” of all ages gathered at Pasir Ris Park BBQ Pit No. 64 at 8.30am. This special meeting point is the site of embarkation to an untouched beach in north-eastern Singapore which we discovered last year and subsequently called “A Hidden Paradise” .

ICCS Otter, Lim Chen Kee briefed the group and equipped the group with gloves and trash bags. We trooped off to join veteran cleanup group, Tampines District Cuon Scouts who were already hard at work by the time we joined them!

Given our name of the site, we were amused when one of the first comments we overheard from the group of young scouts was “Wow! This is a Plastic Paradise!” They were certainly correct!

Across the coastline, plastics in a variety of forms were strewn all over the place.  Upon closer examination, shrimp were jumping in and out of discarded plastic food wrappers and plastic cups in streams leading out to the sea. It’s no wonder that we observed Plastic to be the “thriving species” here!

Plastic strewn Pasir Ris Site 6

Hauling up trash at PR6

The data validated our observations – in terms of items collected, plastic bags were the top item collected (520 items), followed by the mostly plastic food wrappers (304 items) and plastic sheeting (205 items). The sight of all these plastic trash motivated the independent participants. They worked almost continuously to haul and bag the trash, despite the blazing sun. We stopped everyone at about 11am as the tide was rising. Wait any longer, and we would have to swim back with the trash bags!

Individual Participants happy after the cleanup!

Thank you, Individual Participants for a job well done – you depleted some of that Plastic from the Plastic Paradise! You guys really roughed it out! It seems that the hard work is addictive, for one of the independents is joining us at another site next week for second round of hard work for the environment!

Ng Kai Scene
Zone Captain,
ICCS Northeast Zone

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