Tackling the ‘Trash Monsters’ of Pandan Mangrove

75 warriors from Wildlife Reserve Singapore, Oil Spill Response, Black and Veatch, Independents and NUS Biodiversity Crew & Raffles Museum Toddycats defeated a 1, 597 kilogram ‘Trash Monster’ of Pandan Mangrove today!

We undertook was tough mission indeed! And I’m not talking about the agony of waking up at 5am. Some of us were swallowed by the treacherous bog while others fended off the perpetual presence of mozzies while we fought hard to capture the ‘Trash Monsters’.

Heroic Mr Sivasothi, ICCS national coordinator showing off his muscles.

The ‘Trash Monsters’ today ranged from piles of dumped rubber insulation tubing, more than a thousand plastic bags and *drum roll* even a car bumper! (>.<”’)

We have fought these ‘Trash Monsters’ for three years 4.7 tonnes of the enemy has been removed thus far.

While we celebrate the success of 2010 warriors of Pandan Mangrove, we know that this monster will not stay defeated for long and will return again. The veterans agree, however, we have finally seen signs of it weakening – and will return to battle it once again next September!

Ou Yang Xiuling
Site Captain, Pandan Mangrove
ICCS South Zone

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