“We barely made a dent” so we’ll revisit Pasir Ris 6 this Saturday, 3pm

This Saturday, Ng Kai Scene, the Northeast Zone Captain, will be revisiting Pasir Ris Beach 6. The site, which lies beyond the western boundary of Pasir Ris Park, had previously been described by coordinators as a “hidden paradise” and is not a recreational beach and thus not cleared of marine debris regularly.

The International Coastal Cleanup there two Saturdays ago saw more than 500kg of trash categorised, counted and removed. But Kai Scene said “we barely made a dent”. Deputy Zone Captain Lim Chen Kee dampened spirits from seeing so much trash there were only buoyed by the hard-working Independents he worked alongside with that day.

Pasir Ris Beach 6

Cleanup @ Pasir Ris Park 6 Sat 25 Sep 2010: 3pm
So Kai Scene is leading a cleanup there this Saturday 25 Sep 2010 from 3pm to 6pm
(reach site, collect, categorise, weigh trash, collate data, tx to disposal point, etc).
To help out, sign-up at: iccs-individual.rafflesmuseum.net
Meet at BBQ Pit No. 64; click the map below for an enlargement:

ICCS @ Pasir Ris Park western end - 25 Sep 2010: 3pm - 7pm