Results from the last three coastalcleanups – Kranji Bund mangrove, Sg Cina mangrove and Pasir Ris 6 revisited

The International Coastal Cleanups have been spread over three Saturdays this year and the last of the series were three unique cleanups. Due to the tidal regime, these cleanups were conducted in the afternoon/ CLick the pie charts to examine the results in detail.

It’s a lovely finish to ICCS2010. There are still gloves to dry, zone and national data totals to add up. debriefs to conduct and reports to circulate. The operational aspects are over and were all conducted safely and all the organiser’s data is in, phew!

Kranji Bund mangrove
This is the Nature Society (Singapore)’s signature site where they also regularly conduct horseshoe crab rescue operations from ghost nets. They also set the standard by enjoying a sing-a-long session and a makan kechil at the site itself after they have washed up – with everyone encouraged to bring their own utensils!

ICCS2010 - Kranji Bund results

Pasir Ris 6
This site was revisited by a determined team as promised, for the trash load there is so high. They came away with 700kg of trash!

ICCS '10 @ Pasir Ris 6 ( Revisited ) - KCAY - Picasa Web Albums

ICCS 2010 Pasir Ris revisited

Sungei Cina mangrove
This mangrove patch lies within Admiralty Park and this is the first year of the cleanup there, which is heartening; one more mangrove patch looked after!

Facebook | Lee Bee Yan's Photos - ICCS'10 Sungei Cina Mangroves

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