“Many innocent animals are being killed by the litter we throw into the sea” – LCP Hannah Cheuk from Hua Yi Red Cross @ Pulau Ubin

LCP Hannah Cheuk Jia Yun of Hua Yi’s Red Cross Unit writes:

18 Sep 2010 – I had fun taking part in the coastal cleanup activity at Pulau Ubin. We rode the bus for an hour from Jurong , alighting at the Changi Point Ferry Terminal to hop into a num boat for Pulau Ubin.

We joined the Commonwealth Red Cross Unit already at work along the Pulau Ubin Village Beach. We collected the litter, organised it into groups (e.g. plastic, glass) and record what we collected. As we worked, I recognised four of my former primary school mates, amongst the Commonwealth Secondary Red Cross Unit.

Later, we played bonding games. There were 2 groups-Alpha and Bravo and I was in Bravo. I managed to remember all the names that were in my group. We had to create a cheer too. Coincidentally, both groups were using the same cheer, but Alpha won. We gathered for this group picture at the beach:

Huayi Red Cross @ Ubin

We were very tired but we had a lot of fun. By clearing litter along the coastline, we helped prevent innocent animals living nearby from being killed by plastic. Many innocent animals are being killed by the litter we throw into the sea. I’m glad that I could help in some way. The data that we recorded, will be analyzed and will help to bring positive impact to the environment.

I felt that this activity is very meaningful and we had at least contributed something. This is the first time that I had experienced these things and I would like to participate more of these activities in the future.”

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