Year-Round Coastal Cleanups in Singapore: Site suggestions

To handle the queries that stream in throughout the year about beach cleanups, we have begun preparing this document to handle most of the basic queries: Year-Round Coastal Cleanups in Singapore: Site suggestions. This will reduce the burden on our side and improve response time to Organisers about basic issues.

This is a first draft to which links will be added about being independent, green and raising participant awareness minimally at least. Besides operational links to recce reports and photos of the sites, a useful addition will be a comparative table of sites for Organisers to figure out what where to work. This will have them reflect on their motivational state and operational capability, their volunteer’s enthusiasm and the organisation’s commitment level.

Year-Round Coastal Cleanups in Singapore: Site suggestions

Young NTUC’s 350 Singapore Coastal Cleanup @ Tanah Merah 6

Young NTUC2019s 350 Singapore Coastal Cleanup @ Tanah Merah 6 « News from the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore30 Oct 2010 – As dark clouds loomed in the sky over Tanah Merah Site 6, a sense of foreboding overcame me as a downpour seemed inevitable.

At 8am, I was in time for a quick pre-cleanup recce of the site before volunteers arrived for Young NTUC’s 350 Singapore Coastal Cleanup.

[Ed’s note – 350 Singapore is the Singapore chapter to the global movement. ]

As I walked the beach, I thought, “This is a wonderful place to chillout, with sun, sand and sea – but there is trash load to eliminate first! Just as well we here to do just that!” Then it dawned on me, “How many volunteers will actually turn up with these dark clouds looming?”

The moment of truth came as I laid out the equipment – a group of SEVEN people walked towards me! They were accompanied by my colleague Rathika and the team manager of Team Young NTUC (TYN) Wildlife, Elaine. So it would be seven wonderful volunteers, unaffected by the clouds and early for this mission to help protect the environment at this little corner of the planet. We were ready to get some decent work done!

Amongst our group was Connie Hon, the ICCS Zone Captain for East Coast/Tanah Merah who had helped us figure out our first cleanup and who also agreed immediately to join us, despite needing to work that afternoon 🙂

Well, the weather was kind and we worked for two hours and ended with 16 bags of trash as our “spoils of war” :p We can report that Tanah Merah Site 6 continues to be plagued with plastic bottles, ropes, plastic bags, pieces of tiles and that modern evil of our shores, a gazillion pieces of Styrofoam!

Other highlights of what we dragged out of there were:

  • 2 HUGE tires (who the hell threw them there anyway?)
  • Many ping pong balls (I’ve heard of beach volleyball, but seriously, beach ping pong?!)
  • 1 bicycle wheel rim
  • 1 canvas advertisement banner (it still bore an address and I thought about returning it to its rightful owner)
  • Finally, the 350 Singapore volunteers rated this as the Most Epic Find Of The Day, wait for it…… A GOLF BAG! Can you believe it? How did this heavy piece find it’s way to Singapore’s coastline?!

Well, there was also this engine-less boat tangled up with vines and roots of trees. We didn’t manage to remove the boat but WE’LL BE BACK WITH A VENGEANCE.

Guess what? We were satisfied that Saturday morning! The difference to the shore was obvious and I was proud to be one of the Magnificent Seven who were now plastered with sand, grime and grease. YOU GUYS ROCK! Let’s do it sometime again and make it a regular thing ok? Hurrah!

If you’d like to join us the next time we venture in to battle for the environment , visit, or email JD (that’s me!) from Young NTUC at to find out more about 350 Singapore and our suite of activities too 🙂

Till next time!

JD signing off, for the planet!

Photo Album: 350 Singapore Coastal Cleanup (30 Oct 2010)