My very distracted ICCS Otters

It’s 10am this Saturday morning, and Oi Yee is giving an impromptu lecture about taxidermy in Lab 7 amongst a background of preserved specimens, while the rest of the ICCS Otters listen in fascination.

Although the clock is ticking, I figure I can achieve my agenda so am letting this spontaneous session run away as moments like these are precious.

This morning, Oi Yee provided an inspired performance, drawing on stories dating back to the 1960’s. The older teaching specimens in Lab 7, many of which she had prepared, played a supporting role – fish, birds, mammals and the crab from Jessica’s dissection.

An engaged audience spurs on a speaker and this group was agog and peppered her with questions, exploring the complex world of taxidermy.

Stepping forward to volunteer includes moments like these. As a coordinator, I have to strike a balance between achieving the meeting agenda and embracing learning and/or socialising opportunities. So I buffer time into each of our meetings to achieve this whilst keeping an eye on the clock. It’s how we grow together.

L-R: Teo Kah Ming, Kok Oi Yee, Jocelyn Sze, Jessica Ker,
Ng Kai Scene, Cheong Wei Siong and Andy Dinesh.

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