Speaking to 300 middle school students at the SIngapore American School

The Singapore American School’s Middle School students completed their annual Kranji mangrove cleanup in May this year. In September, they will participate n the annual ICCS cleanup as well. The school is a 20-veteran of the cleanup so we wanted to go down to speak to both middle and high schools this year.

Xu Weiting, the East Coast/Tanah Merah Zone Captain, was given the honour of conducting her maiden ICCS speech to this energetic and responsive audience. She is no stranger to addressing a large crowd, having presented at the Evening of Biodiversity on her work with common palm civets last year.

Weiting said that speaking to SAS was a heart-warming experience – the enthusiastic audience motivated their speaker as well!

Read Weiting’s account of preparation to delivery at the Raffles Museum Toddycats blog.

From my ringside seat, I was happy to say, “Well done Weiting!”

XWT ICCS talk at SAS

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