Sat 06 Aug 2011: Join us at the pre-National Day coastal cleanup @ Lim Chu Kang mangrove

Celebrate our National Day with a mangrove cleanup on Saturday, 6th August 2011! Sign up here!

The Mission:
Lim Chu Kang mangroves is a beautiful and unique patch of unprotected mangrove in Singapore, facing the Western Straits of Johor. It is adjacent to a Police Coast Guard base and offshore, kelongs and fish farms unload their produce at the jetty for delivery to markets in Singapore.

Scientists have worked in this mangrove for decades and though it is but a small patch that remains, it is scientifically interesting and holds many stories about animal and plant life and heritage in Singapore. In 2008, the Sungei Buloh Master Plan revealed it would link up with the Lim Chu Kang mangroves.

The famous mud lobster mounds of Lim Chu Kang mangrove

Trash from the Johor Straits is regularly deposited on Lim Chu Kang beach and mangrove and since this is state land, and not used recreationally, the impact on marine life is battled through the efforts of various groups who take to the beach and mangrove in September for ICCS and other cleanups throughout the year.

The trash on Lim Chu Kang beach, 16 Jul 2011

The removal of trash is tackled sensitively through the actions of small groups. In just three cleanups last year, volunteers removed about 1.7 tonnes of trash from the site.

Annually, I organise a pre-National Day cleanup in celebration of Singapore’s birthday and invite Raffles Museum Toddycats, The Biodiversity Crew and anyone who might want to come – all you have to do is sign up here to be part of a happy bunch!

Pre-National Day Cleanup @ LCK, 07 Aug 2010
The 2010 cleanup cleared more than 800kg of trash

Itinerary (approximate):

  • 0730 – bus pick-up in NUS @ Science Drive 4
  • 0745 – bus pick-up outside Clementi next to the interchange at Commonwealth Ave W
  • 0830 – reach LCK, distribute into sub-groups, apply insect repellent, collect gloves and trash bags.
  • 0845 – Briefing, identification of Trash Loading Point (TLP) and bus shelter, wet weather plan (carry on unless lightning threat)
  • 0900 – cleanup begins.
  • 1000 – Loading teams start moving trash out to TLP
  • 1030 – clean-up ends, weigh trash and discussion; Q&A
  • 1045 – participants clean up – note: no washing point, so bring small amount of water to wipe down.
  • 1100 – Bus returns to Clementi, NUS – Note: help needed to wash gloves in NUS.

Pre-National Day mangrove cleanup: Site and Pickup Points - Google Maps
Click for map of pickup points

Pre-National Day mangrove cleanup_ Site and Pickup Points - Bus stop at Commonwealth Avenue West opposite block 317
The Commonwealth Avenue West pick up point, just after Clementi MRT


  1. Transport to site.
  2. Gloves.
  3. Trash bags.
  4. Weighing scales.

Be prepared!

  • Sleep early the night before and hydrate – this will affect your performance and enjoyment of the morning,
  • set your alarm to wake up on time – we can’t wait for latecomers (time and tide critical) and
  • have a decent breakfast – it will be a workout, last year 42 of us cleared >800kg of trash!

What you should bring:

  1. Covered shoes with hard soles – hard-soled booties are fine.
  2. Water bottle (at least one litre of water).
  3. Hat and/or sun block.
  4. Raincoat/ponco (we’ll carry on working in rain)
  5. Towel in a bag – to wipe off any sand and mud off you.
  6. Suggestion – dry fit clothes are suitable for this work. If you prefer cotton, a change of t-shirt will come in handy after a sweaty workout.
  7. Light pants will help protect your legs from insect bites (if you tend to get bitten!) as well as from the debris, but bermudas are fine.
  8. Water-proof your belongings.
  9. Some water to wipe yourself down with


Registered participants are to meet at

  1. NUS Science Drive 4 (7.30am: meet Siva) or
  2. the bus stop at Commonwealth Avenue West outside Clementi Interchange (7.45am).

Meet us at Lim Chu Kang Road end (click for map) where some parking space is available.

Pre-National Day Cleanup @ Lim Chu Kang, Singapore (7th August 2010)
Happy National Day!

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