ICCS Workshop 2011 powerpoints

ICCS Workshop 2011 powerpoints – click to download individual sections or download the zipped file of the lot here (92.6 MB).

— beg —

00-Introduction – introducing ICC and ICC Singapore.

01-Marine life in Singapore – featuring a small selection of larger marine animals and locations around Singapore which the cleanup helps to protect.

02-The impact of marine debris – discussing entanglement, ingestion of plastic and plastic fragments.

03-How to organise a cleanup – An Organiser’s step by step guide. and includes “What happens on the cleanup day,” which can be extracted for the volunteer briefing along with the other sections.

04-Know your trash! – this addresses the categories of trash in the ICC Data Card, to prepare volunteers about the diversity of debris on the shore and how to categorise items.

05-Data Submission and Trash Quiz – data consolidation can be done n the spot and submission is expected within hours of completion of your cleanup.

06-Applications to daily life – the annual data urges us to become greener in our use and management of resources. Some pointers used in the discussion are listed here.

— end —

For videos, see the 2010 resources.

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