Phase IV – Execute! The 4th ICCS Otters meeting this Sat

We are gearing up for the The International Coastal Cleanup Singapore in September 2011 with recces and final registrations. More than 4,000 volunteers from 72 groups will hit beaches and mangroves in Singapore to collect, categorise and count marine trash.


We completed a workshop for Organisers and I did a rerun for OBS instructors organising student alumni at beaches in western Pulau Ubin for the first time.

The ICCS Briefing is next Saturday and I will drop in on Raffles Girl’s Secondary School for a special talk on Tue 23 Aug 2011 – it is their 20th year participating in the cleanup! We did likewise for 300 students at Singapore American School’s Middle School and will return for a talk to the High School students – these schools are also 20-year veterans.

Meanwhile the Zone Captains have been conducting recces with Organisers. We have learnt that Sembawang Beach is partially closed. And that Tanah Merah 7 & 8 needs more help. There will be other adjustments to sort out at this time, and then we notify NParks and NEA about our island-wide activity.

So we ALL meet for only the fourth time this year on Saturday. And soon, we’ll hit the beaches with the volunteers!

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