What it takes to coordinate the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore

Coordinating some 75 organsations who bring more than 4,000 volunteers to the beaches and mangroves of Singapore for the International Coastal Cleanup does take some effort! It is carried out by the volunteer team of ICCS Otters who have been at this for anything from one to 15 years!

This is because coordination goes well beyond answering and sending emails.

We walk the ground to ensure coastal sites receive adequate attention, explore new areas previously neglected or newly opened, match suitable organisers to specific areas and prepare organisations for a safe, efficient, educational and green cleanup and place motivated Site Buddies amongst various groups. We are determined that people who hit the beach know what and why they are collecting data about trash on shores that day and want to something about it thereafter.

And, of course, ensure everything is well coordinated.

Here are most of the dates when we were busy, excluding training of new appointment holders, exploratory recces, meetings with new Organisers, helping to setup year-round cleanups here and overseas and enhancing special programmes.

By spacing out our calendar, we have manage to maintain our sanity somewhat – everyone has a day job which, typically in Singapore, often extends into the night – necessitating late night exchanges! The mix of veterans and newbies in the coordinating ICCS Otters team keeps the management of this 20-year programme on track.

In the midst of it all, this year, we conducted the IAVE Workshop for youth and the National Day Cleanup! In other years, we have setup cleanups in Bintan and Penang – and the latter is still ongoing!

What keeps us going beyond our personal motivation are the many people who chip in to help in small ways. The feedback from volunteers or Organisers. The feeling on a daily basis that we are chipping away at the ills of the environment.

Best of all, it’s meeting motivated Organisers who work hard at planning a meaningful event with follow up action. We do want them to have the support of like-minded people in their efforts to help protect the planet!

Meetings 2011

  1. Thu 17 Feb 2011 – N. Sivasothi review w/Lim Chen Kee & Andy Dinesh [Phase 0 – Design]
  2. Sat 19 Mar 2011 – 1st ICCS Otter meeting: Planning [Phase I – Plan]
  3. Sat 21 May 2011 – 2nd ICCS Otters meeting: Review site allocations [Phase II]
  4. Thu 02 Jun 2011 – N. Sivasothi meets with Zone Captains
  5. Fri 03 Jun 2011 – N. Sivasothi meets with Zone Captains
  6. Mon 04 Jul 2011 – 3rd ICCS Otters Meeting: Preparatory Discussion for Organisers Workshop [Phase III – Prep]
  7. Sat 20 Aug 2011 – 4th ICCS Otters Meeting: Review and confirm site allocations [Phase IV – Execute]
  8. Sat 17 Sep 2011 – International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (AM) / Data processing (PM)
  9. Fri 30 Sep 2011 – 5th ICCS Otters Meeting: Debrief (evening) [Phase V – Reflect]

Registrations, 2011

  • 21 Mar 2011 – Veteran Organisation registration open
  • 23 May 2011 – Registration for Organisers open
  • 23 May 2011 – Registration for Site Buddies open
  • 08 Aug 2011 – Registration for Independent Volunteers open

Talks/Workshops, 2011

  • Singapore American Middle School, 31 May 2011 – Xu Weiting & N. Sivasothi.
  • Talk to NVPC volunteers (NVPC), 01 Jul 2011
  • ICCS Workshop, 09 Jul 2011 – ICCS Otters
  • ICCS Workshop for OBS Instructors (PUlau Ubin), 16 Aug 2011 – N. Sivasothi
  • Raffles Girls School (RGS), 23 Aug 2011 – N. Sivasothi
  • ICCS Briefing, 27 Aug 2011 – ICCS Otters

Recce Trips, 2011


  • Kranji East mangrove, 12 Mar 2011 – N. Sivasothi, Lee Bee Yan, Andy Dinesh w/Organisers Steve Early and Martha Began. [link]
  • Kranji East mangrove and Sungei Buloh WR West mangrove, 08 Jun 2011 – N. Sivasothi, Kate Thome, Mendis Tan and Desmond Lee. [link]
  • Lim Chu Kang beach and mangrove and Lim Chu Kang East mangrove, 16 Jul 2011 – N. Sivasothi, Jessica Ker, Yang Yi Yong with Organisers Vionna Luah, He Miao & Derek Ang. [link]


  • Sembawang, Selimang, Sungei Seletar, Punggol, 03 Apr 2011 – Ng Kai Scene, Lim Chen Kee & Cheong Wei Siong. [link]
  • Pasir Ris, 09 Apr 2011 – Ng Kai Scene, Lim Chen Kee & Cheong Wei Siong. [link]
  • Sungei Seletar, 03 Jun 2011 – Lim Chen Kee w/Organiser, Pei Hwa Secondary
  • Sungei Tampines, 04 Jun 2011 – Ng Kai Scene and Andy Dinesh
  • Pulau Serangoon, 22 Jun 2011 – N. Sivasothi, Jessica Ker, Meryl Theng, Lee Bee Yan & Eileen Chia (NParks) [link]
  • Pasir Ris Site 6, 30 Jul 2011 – Ng Kai Scene w/Organiser, CHIJ Katong Convent
  • Sembawang Park, 14 Aug 2011 – Cheong Wei Siong w/Organiser, Standard Chartered Bank, MEWR,
  • Selimang Park, 14 Aug 2011 – Cheong Wei Siong w/Organiser, NVPC
  • Sungei Seletar, 20 Aug 2011 – Lim Chee Kee w/Organiser, LTA

Pulau Ubin

  • Pulau Ubin, 23 April 2011 – Teo Kah Ming, Kok Oi Yee and Ng Kai Scene
  • Chek Jawa, 8 May 2011 – Teo Kah Ming and Marcus Tay
  • Pulau Ubin western shores, 21 Jun 2011 – N. Sivasothi and Chua Li Shan. [link]
  • Chek Jawa, 25 June 2011 – Teo Kah Ming, Kok Oi Yee, Rachael Li w/Alan Tan (NParks)
  • Chek Jawa, 23 July 2011 – Teo Kah Ming, Andy Dinesh, w/Organiser from Blacks Rugby Football Club, NPCC HQ, Sukyo Mahikari Singapore, SAF Transport Hub East and Otis Elevator
  • Pulau Ubin, 24 July 2011 – Athena Han w/Organises from IBM PDL, Maris Stella High School (Primary) Green Ambasadors & ODEAC Club


  • Changi, 8th May 2011 – Jocelyne Sze, Marcus Tay & Teo Kah Ming

East Coast/ Tanah Merah

  • Tanah Merah, 17 May 2011 – Cai Hongxia, Xu Weiting, Lee Bee Yan & Andy Dinesh
  • East Coast, 26 May 2011 – Cai Hongxia & Xu Weiting
  • Tanah Merah Sites 8 & 9, 7 Aug 2011 – Andy Dinesh, Gail Stubber (ANZA), Tom Maertens (AECOM), Rowena Zhang & Flynn Tan (NVPC)
  • Tanah Merah Site 7, 14 Aug 2011 – Andy Dinesh, Cai Hongxia, Mary-Ann Khoo & Iqbal (NVPC), Kwek Chik Khoon (ITE College East) & AJ (SUVEC)


  • Pandan Mangrove, 13 May 2011 – Kelly Ong [link]
  • Pandan Mangrove, 24 Jul 2011 – Kelly Ong & Andy Dinesh.
  • Pandan Mangrove, 25 Jul 2011 – N. Sivasothi.

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