Ria Tan’s annual ICCS article is out!

The tireless Ria Tan who authors, edits and manages WildSingapore has penned her annual ICCS article.

She has done this for many years now and I look forward to it. She has a good sense of the issues because she witnesses the problem when she walks the shore. She has supported ICCS efforts physically about a decade ago when she stood by with her car at the Kranji Mangrove cleanup, ready to whisk a casualty to the hospital!

This year, she responds to a letter in Today Online and weaves a story that addresses many elements, typical of her style, so the reader receives good exposure to the wider picture. Thanks Ria!

Hop over to Wild Shores Singapore to read “Sudden trash build up at East Coast? ICCS swings into action!”

Ria Tan’s annual ICCS article is out!


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