Safer access to Kranji East mangrove through Central Granite Industries

As the date for the ICCS approaches, its time for reminders and tying up of loose ends by the volunteer Zone Captains – everyone has a day job and then attends to ICCS matters at night. And the tempo steps up even as our Organisers realise it IS September already!

The North-West Zone has been unusually busy this year as we had to relocate our regular organisations from their familiar Kranji Mangrove to new sites at Lim Chu Kang East, Sungei Buloh West and Kranji East mangroves.

Kranji East mangrove has a LOT of trash and which will be tackled by some 150-200 volunteers from the Singapore American School celebrating their 20th year in the ICCS with newbies Transport Hub West.

Well one of those reminders just popped up in my calendar and after a brief consultation with Deputy Zone Captain Jessica Ker, I emailed Central Granite Industries Pte Ltd to remind them about the access they very kindly granted us through their site in June after we dropped in to chat and followed up with emails.

A Google Calendar appointment I had set reminded me to write, and Jessica and I went over the details again via Google + Hangout (which North-East Zone Captain Kai Scene briefly joined in as well).

There was no confusion about what we were talking about as links to Google Maps’ street views were clear as day! The eventual email I sent included the map below – thanks to Google Map and Skitch!

This generous shortcut is excellent – it allows volunteers to setup the Trash Disposal Point inside the premises, close to the mangrove. The accumulated trash will not have to be transferred to Kranji Way as the NEA contractor can now drive in to pick up the expected one tonne of trash.

Thanks Central Granite Industries!

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