A Great Effort at Sungei Seletar Clean-up

Volunteers from Land Transport Authority, Pei Hwa Secondary School and individual signup participants arrived early at 8am at Sungei Seletar for International Coastal Cleanup Singapore 2011 on Saturday 17th September 2011.

Sungei Seletar is one of the most difficult places at which to conduct a cleanup. Firstly, there is no public bus service. Then there is the lack of shelters in case of heavy rain. Zero toilet unless you consider the tall bushes and shrubs fair game. The difficult terrain of rocky beaches threaten to sprain the ankles and ankle-deep mud near the mangroves and the tides cut off the returning path on the beach. Lastly the Trash Collection Point is far, far away.


Despite these challenging factors, enthusiastic volunteers cleaned up about 650kg of trash with the plastic (bags & beverage bottles)  comprising the bulk of trash out of this not-so-noticed spot of coast.

It was a great effort and much thanks to all volunteers who turned up to battle marine pollution that day.