Announcing the ICCS Otters team 2012!

Coordinator: N. Sivasothi
Deputy Coordinator: Xu Weiting

Data Captain: Airani S.
Deputy Data Captain: Thng Hui Hien
Recce Captain: Andy Dinesh
Manpower: Jocelyne Sze
Photo & Web: Kenneth Pinto
Sustainability Captain: Marcus Tay

Zone Captains
Northwest Zone Captain: N. Sivasothi

Northeast Zone Captain: Ng Kai Scene
Northeast Deputy Zone Captain: Lim Chen Kee
Northeast Deputy Zone Captain: Yang Yi Yong

Changi Zone Captain: Airani S
Changi Deputy Zone Captain: Thng Hui Hien

Pulau Ubin East Zone Captain: Lei Lei
Pulau Ubin Deputy Zone Captain: Andy Dinesh

Pulau Ubin West Zone Captain: Chua Li Shan

Tanah Merah Zone Captain: Benjamin Tan
Tanah Merah Deputy Zone Captain: Gladys Chua

East Coast Zone Captain: Cai Hongxia

South Zone Captain: N. Sivasothi

Site Captains
Pulau Ubin Southwest – Athena Han
Pulau Ubin CJ – Rachael Li
Pulau Ubin CJ – Sabrina Tang
LCK East – Jessica Ker
Pandan – Kelly Ong
Pandan/Toddycats – Fung Tze Kwan
Semakau – Ron Yeo

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