“Marine Life & Trash in our Seas” Talk for first cohort of Frontier Primary School

We were approached by an enthusiastic Mr Zainal Haron from the new Frontier Primary School who wanted to expose their pioneer batch of students to environmental issues at a young age. The school had only just accepted their first batch of 240 primary one students this year and they even have their own blog!

Frontier Pri School- Brand new school which was opened in 2012 (Photo by Jocelyne Sze)

Luckily for us, Jocelyne Sze, ICCS Manpower Captain, who was in-between trips was back in Singapore and managed to conduct the 8am morning assembly talk on 6th August 2012, Monday.

Jocelyne introduced many local marine wildlife to the children and made them realize that several of the marine organisms seen in movies (eg. Nemo) and cartoons (Spongebob and Patrick) can also be found in Singapore. She also showed photos and videos of our more charismatic animals like turtles, dolphins, otters and even monitor lizards which captured their attention.

At the end of the talk, Jocelyne told the students how they can make a difference to the marine environment such as reusable bottles as their water bottles instead of disposable ones.

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We all have our reuseable bottles, what about you? (Photo taken by staff of Frontier Pri School)

Lastly, in order to encourage interaction, she brought along some of her very own aquatic soft toys to get students to participate in an animal ID quiz and if they could be found in Singapore! The students looked like they had great fun learning about Singapore’s marine biodiversity, threats and how they can help to reduce marine trash!

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The kids enjoyed the quiz (Photo taken by staff of Frontier Pri School)

Well done Jocelyne! For more details, you can read all about her impressions of her  journey to the West in her blog!

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