Plastic recycling is just not economically attractive enough to be a solution

Marcus Tay from International Coastal Cleanup, Singapore (ICCS) visited the Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) Singapore base for one of their regular ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions, on Tuesday, 4th September, to share on International Coastal Cleanup and what marine trash has got to do with each one of us.

About 30 staff turned up and boy, was it an eye-opening session for some! The pictures and videos shown were indeed worth a thousand words. Marcus began by showing us a trailer of “Midway” – it was moving, to say the least. See it here:

During the session, more than a few got to find out that there are indeed marine life here in Singapore.

After all, everyone loves baby turtles! And who can forget, the “Olympics” monitor lizards competing in Judo!

Marcus also shared video excerpts by Capt. Charles Moore on the seas of plastic, who uses the iconic term “plastic soup” to describe our ocean today. One particular slide on the bioaccumulation cycle stood out.

On International Coastal Cleanup, Marcus shared the why the cleanup is more than cleanup – data collection. It was heartening to see a map of so many concurrent Cleanups that will take place these few weekends throughout Singapore!

One of the take-aways was what personal action we can take as an individual. Marcus was compelling in asking all to help solve the plastics waste problem at source: to only use what you really need.

Only this is the real solution as even plastic recycling has its own issues: It is not as easily recyclable as compared to aluminium and glass due to its low melting point.

OSRL Singapore has been taking part in the International Coastal Cleanup since 2008 and was at Tanah Merah site1-2 last Saturday, 8 September 2012. It was a first-time experience for a number of the staff and most cannot believe how much trash we pollute our recreational beach with. Needless to say, it was a tiring but well-spent morning. J

By Jeannie Kwara from Oil Spill Response Limited

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