Registration for the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore 2013 is now open! Organisers are invited to register by 23rd April 2013

Dear Organisers,

Once again, we are happy to welcome you back to this meaningful activity which has been conducted by volunteers in Singapore since 1992. This will be the 22nd year of the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore.

The international event (ICC) coordinated by the Ocean Conservancy falls on the third Saturday of September every year which is 21st September 2013, Saturday. That day, a morning low tide which will rise by 10am, and the tide will ebb in the evening from 4pm.

I – Registration
We invite you as the Organiser to register your groups and indicate your preferred sites at:

II – Site Allocation results in April 2013
We conduct a Site Allocation exercise in end-March to take into account the Organiser’s experience, difficulty of the site, maturity of programme and announce the results in April. Reliable, veteran groups will not see much changes, having become the cornerstone of this national effort.

III – Workshops for Organisers, choose an evening session between 3rd – 5th July 2013 @ NUS
This year, the ICCS Workshop will be conducted as small group sessions on the evenings of 3rd to 5th July 2013 – we save everyone a precious Saturday morning. All Organisers are encouraged to attend a SINGLE session, especially those who are new, or who need help with site recces and risk assessment.

This design is in response to previous workshops – we notice greater interaction and questions in small groups which will make for safer and more efficiently-run events.

IV – Site Recces (difficult sites), Sat 27 Jul 2013
Conditions at sites can vary form year to year, and it is critical for Organiser’s to conduct a site recce close to the date. Else an Organiser can be caught off guard – a beach may be closed, or there might be a new obstacle or hazard at the site. To help each Organiser conduct a site recce and evaluate risk, we will go through this during the workshop and explain how to fill up a Risk Assessment Form.

For difficult sites, Site and Zone Captains will conduct joint recces with Organisers on 27th July 2013. Keep this date free as it is a good day to consult your Site or Zone Captain by phone just after your recce.

V – The ICCS Lecture, Saturday 3rd August 2013 @ NUS
This annual lecture explores marine life in Singapore, the impact of trash in local waters and the ocean, analyses the data from ICC and discusses practical measures for daily life. Veteran Organisers are encouraged to send assistants or team leaders. We will also make this session open to the public.

VI – National Day Cleanup, Saturday 10th August 2012
I conduct a National Day cleanup every year and invite the public. Organisers who are new are invited to learn the ropes from me – about planning, logistics and internet tools before the cleanup and about operations, safety and data collation on the beach that day.

Thank you for your interest in the environment!



N. Sivasothi
Coordinator, International Coastal Cleanup Singapore
Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research
Department of Biological Sciences
National University of Singapore


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