Site Allocation Exercise for ICCS2013: Round 1 completed!

Round 1 of the Site Allocation Exercise for 2013 has been completed! We have allocated 31 groups, and about 1,500 volunteers are already committed. This is about the half way point.

Meanwhile, during the exercise, a new site in Punggol was added, as observed by the Zone Captains after their recent recce. Sites at the two ends of Changi Beach were revived – we have kept a close eye on those during our bicycle rides, and beach improvements are just about completed.

We will offer Kranji East mangrove which Ria reported a large load at the site once again, in a recent post in Wild Shores Singapore. However, we will restrict that to capable adult groups with whom we will conduct a joint recce with due to the additional safety demands at the site.

West Coast Park was removed from the list as it is now bordered by a breakwater line. And Pasir Ris 3-5 remans of the list due to the booms upriver, although we’ll review this again later in the year.

There is actually a new site in Changi River which I examined last year but we’ll add that later as it requires a capable group and the load is not heavy.

Meanwhile, the beaches of East Coast Park have as usual almost all been allocated, much to the Zone Captain’s delight

View the current status at

ICCS2013 Site Allocation Round 1

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