Budak Pantai sings about Marine Trash!

Fri 24 May 2013 – I met up with friends at the Marina Bay area for dinner last Friday and strolled past the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre. There, a crowd was gathering and so we decided to see what would transpire!

We were rewarded by the appearance of local a cappella group Budak Pantai! They began their repertoire with a few mainstream favourites and oldies, before progressing into lyrical parodies of current affairs.

Between songs about Pedra Branca and making more babies, one performance really caught my attention!

image (3)

In the background, the slides changed to a screenshot of the very familiar “News from International Coastal Cleanup Singapore” – yes this blog! What was going on?

Well, Budak Pantai was introduced the crowd to the threat of marine trash, even citing statistics.  Then, they broke into song, with humourous yet thought-provoking verses describing the detrimental effects of marine pollution and about the need to preserve the environment for our kids and the future.

The performance was greeted with massive applause!

We always say everyone can help contribute to spreading environmental awareness, and it was heartening to see our own local artists reach out to the community in such a creative and effective way!

Now how do we get a copy of that performance? We should show that to schools!

– Sean Yap,
Dy Zone Captain, Pulau Ubin

Budak Pantai declares “Plastics are Forever” (a performance from 03 Jun 2012):