Updates from the Zone Captains’ recces: beach closures this year

ICCS Zone Captains have been visiting shores around Singapore, to check on the condition of beaches and mangroves in terms of trash load, access and any other changes.

Changi Beach, which we cycle past regularly and check on, is now open once again. Meanwhile, the Kranji-Buloh mangrove is still closed for works along the Kranji Nature Trail.

At the Pulau Ubin recce, our zone captains Teo Kah Ming and Sean Yap report Noordin Beach closed due to erosion; here’s the photo from the new Dy Zone Captain for Pulau Ubin, Sean Yap:

ICCS beach closures - Nordin beach

Meanwhile, the recce team at Tanah Merah comprising Hwang Wei Song, Gladys Chua and the new Dy Ezra Teo report no joy for TM8 and TM9.

International Coastal Cleanup Singapore: Zones & Sites - Google Maps

This means a loss of available space for 250 participants. However safety concerns overrule all else.

Wei Song and Gladys sent me an update earlier tonight:

Tanah Merah Coast Road is the main road through which sites TM8 & TM9 are accessed. This road is currently heavily used by dump trucks transporting sand from a barge anchored at TM10.

This has made the road extremely dusty and visibility is a problem.

There are no suitable trash collection points (TCPs) along the coastal road. The only possible site is across the traffic junction but this would require traffic marshalers to direct traffic and they will need to wear masks.

In any case the road is not safe. A friend who works at Changi Naval Base informed us of a few accidents along that road involving pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles due to the poor visibility and heavy vehicle movement.

There are two exits for the sites. The first is narrow, chained up and requires climbing over and this not suitable for transporting trash out. The second entrance is undergoing construction work, land clearance and tarring roads. There is also heavy machinery in the vicinity and the need to cross the construction area to get to the main road.

Given the safety concerns on the road, closure of one entrance and inaccessibility of the second, I recommend not using the site for this year unless the status changes.

I wonder how long these works last. We will probably revisit in August, but meanwhile, we won’t hold our breath and are writing to affected groups to offer alternative sites.

This is why Zone Captains conduct recces in the earlier half of the year, even before Organisers do in July; there are always surprises along the shore.

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