A short walk to the sin bin – the trash-filled channel of Lim Chu Kang East mangrove

The North-West Zone of the International Coastal Cleanup is tackled by motivated groups led by experienced and/or capable Organisers.


Last Saturday, I hobbled into a little of pocket of mangrove in Lim Chu Kang East with Organisers from Bachelor of Environmental Studies of the National University of Singapore (NUS BES) and Singapore Land Authority’s Environment Engagement Group (SLA EEG).

Within the LCK East mangrove patch is a channel which is regularly filled with marine trash form the Johor Straits. It is a senseless announcement to the world about an uncaring and ignorant people.

A long time ago, this channel was carved out to create the road we used to walk in to the mangrove. Although ghastly when filled with rubbish, I was delighted – the channel serves as a marine trash trap. Instead of spreading over a wider area and onto more sensitive parts of the mangrove, harmful debris is consolidated into the channel.

This small area will be tackled by valiant volunteers during the International Coastal Cleanup by some 230 volunteers over two days:

  • Wed 18 Sep 2013: NUS BES ENV2101 (50) & SLA Environment Engagement Club (30)
  • Singapore American School (75); NUS ESESC (50); Raffles Museum Toddycats (25)

For the NUS BES group, the cleanup is scheduled as a practical session in ENV2101 Global Environmental Change,a module coordinated by my friend Dr. J. C. Mendoza. We figured it is critical for our students to sink their hands into the debris and realise the extent of the problem, as they collect, categorise and dispose the trash. The following week, we will discuss technical aspects of the problem with the data from the session.

At the site with them will be the Environment Engagement Club from SLA. The Organisers, Joanne and Juliana joined us for the recce.

Organiser’s from SLA’s Environment Engagement Club
are more than ready for this mission

A country lane leads to a secret world

Precious bits of mangrove pepper our north-west coast

A channel covered with marine trash, which has floated in from the Straits of Johor

JC Mendoza and I agree – undergraduates form the
Bachelor of Environmental Studies deserve a challenge
lck east mangroves1

A little less “styrofoam”? Or rather, expanded polystyrene (EPS),
this is plague on our shores

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